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Comment Policy

User Comment Policy in S.M.A.R.T.E.R., SMARTER Steps Facebook page and all social media blogs

We welcome your comments. To encourage free-flowing and professional discussions, we will moderate your comments.

  1. We are not liable in any way for the user comments made and published in the comments section.
  2. Our moderation system tries best to prevent unwanted comments to the published. However, we do not make any warranties that will prevent SPAM, offensive and/or abusive comments.
  3. We observe an absolute zero tolerance for SPAM.
  4. We will not publish or delete published user comments which SPAM, are offensive and/or abusive in any way.
  5. We hold the sole right to publish, or delete published user comments.
  6. We hold the right to change these policies at any time without notification.

Idea about how our moderation process works.

  • Please try to make sure the spelling and grammar of the message is accurate
  • Please keep comments relevant. Inappropriate, cheesy, or offensive comments may be edited or deleted.
  • Please stay on topic so that the discussion can progress for all readers. If you have thoughts that digress, please repost them as a separate but related topic.
  • No personal attacks will be tolerated. Criticism of decision-making and operational management, including the names of the individuals or institutions involved may be legitimate, but criticisms on a purely personal level is not.
  • We will not publish any user comments that contain web links in it. Absolutely not. We mean the use of a <a> is prohibited in the comments message. If you really require linking something to make a point, then past the link as text.
  • User comments with self-advertising will not be published or will be deleted
  • Anything we feel is going to hamper the discussion on a particular post will not be published or deleted

If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact us at

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