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Our mission is to provide ongoing goal development support for Individual Education Program (IEP) and care plan team members. This includes all health care providers, educators, administrators, advocates, individuals with disabilities, parents, guardians, or other family members. We are here to make sure that everyone has the resources and skills needed to create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Care Plan that is ambitious and attainable.

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SMARTER Steps Membership Program
$24.99 per Month.
SMARTER Steps Basic Membership gives you access to the SMARTER IEP goal training modules, newsletters, resources, live chats (archived and real-time).
Become a SMARTER Pro Package
$160.00 per Month.
For Professionals or Parents who would like to transition into becoming an Advocate in Private Practice.  Membership includes access to the SMARTER Webinar series, IEP Skills Bank, Free App download, 3 hours of monthly consultation, and steps to set up the infrastructure of an advocacy business customized for your community and niche areas.
SMARTER Empowerment PLUS
$264.99 per Month.
Empowerment Plus Membership is for Parents who are learning the steps needed to advocate for their child in the school setting for the long-term.  This membership is for Parents who want to learn pro-active strategies.  Membership offers access to the SMARTER webinar series, Goal Skills Bank, Free App download, Individual review of your child's evaluations and IEPs. Empowerment Plus ensures access to SMARTER Steps advocates for customizing situations related to your child's needs. Consultations are provided for up to 3 hours per month as needed.
Quick Consultation Retainer
$24.99 per Month.
Quick Consultation Retainer is recommended for Parents after they have an initial consultation. This allows them to follow up with 2 emails or a 15 minute call related to the consultations.
Mentorship & Support
$99.99 now and then $99.00 per Month.
SMARTER Support provides an on-going monthly one-hour consultation call to assist Professionals with problem-solving any concerns. We provide a safe place for support and assisting you with accomplishing your goals. This for professionals who have completed the SMARTER webinar series certification.
$799.99 now.
Membership expires after 12 Months.
Provides: 1) access to the 8 initial training modules in Monthly or Accelerated Formats 2) Newsletter once a month and Archives; 3) IEP Goal Bank; 4) Customized Consultation as Needed This is usually recommended for school districts, agencies, or organizations who want to provide professional development or continuing education for their staff. The following groups can negotiate fees: rural school districts, organizations in designated poverty counties by state criteria, and non-profit agencies. Other Discounts can be applied if groups consent to being part of research related to the SMARTER steps method.
$160.00 per Month.
SMARTER Mentors provides training and customized support and consultation to Professionals in the field of Special Education.  This membership offers SMARTER Steps webinars, goal bank access, customized templates, and 3 hours of personal or group consultations each month. This membership level is designed for professionals who are: 1) transitioning from clinical to school practice; 2) new to the field of special education; 3) practicing in an isolated area and may need support because they lack colleagues or available supervisors on-site; 4) professionals who are experiencing compassion fatigue or burn-out.


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